Incubation of CZC teams

  • JSP Enviro
  • Samudyoga Waste Chakra
  • Team Sepoy at IITMadras Incubation cell
  • Team U-farm at SINE, IIT Bombay
  • Elicius Energy
  • PristineEnergia
  • Clean Electric
  • Carpro Technologies
  • inGO Electric


1.Team Indriyam from DST-Nidhi Prayas
2.Team Enviro received 1 crore grant from EIL and 50 lakh from Sony
3.Team Water Chakra from IIGP Grant, Tanseed Grant,
4.Team Germsafe from IOCL & Infosys Foundation
5.Team Ingoelectric from Elevate 2018 & IKP Eden


  1. Team U-Farm from DBT-BIRACAwards
  2. Team Carpro won at TNIGC 2019
  3. Team Germsafe won Aarohan Social Innovation Award
  4. Team Pristine Energia won Most Socially Relevant Project on IIT Madras
    Alumni Association Day 2019
  5. Team Insulight Ceramics won Gandhian Young Technological Innovation
  6. Award 2019 & NRDC Innovative Prototypes for Startup Award 2019

Intellectual Property

7 Patents