1. Surya Shakti

The team Surya Shakti was recognised by CZC 3.0 for its technological innovation.

Surya Shakthi – A faculty-led team from IIT Bombay led by Prof. Chandramouli Subramaniam and his team members Ms.Ananya Sah, Mr.Shubham Tiwari, Mr.Anuj Bangad, and Mr.Adwait Patwardhan developed a Nano Carbon Floret based water and space heating devices having  low-cost production and indigenous components, negligible carbon footprint, and an average of ~90% efficiency. This innovation will heat space and water with less energy compared to conventional heaters. It was tested in a cold army base camp successfully and has many household and industrial applications.

Location– Mumbai, Maharashtra

Team Member Details

  • Team Lead- Prof. Chandramouli Subramanian, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
  • Scientific Associate, Dr.Ananya Sah, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
  • Product Development Engineer, Mr.Shubham Tiwari, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
  • Sustainability Engineer, Mr.Anuj Bangad, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
  • Business Development, Mr.Adwait Patwardhan, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Left to right- Mr.Adwait Patwardhan, Dr.Ananya Sah and Mr.Anuj Bangad along with Prof. Chandramouli Subramanian behind, standing with their prototypes in their stall at the CZC Grand Expo

2. ArimaAran Private Limited

Startup ArimaAran Pvt Ltd led by Mr.Manoj Manickam, Deepthi Abraham, Vijayprakash M, Keerthivasan and mentored by Mr.Leo Prakash and Dr.Shrinithivihashini Nirmaladevi has developed a sustainable plant growth media from a single component agri-waste. They transform agricultural farming waste into EcoGro, a product with a global market of ₹320 Billion. They have a clear `product to market fit’ business model.

Location- Registered-Bengaluru, Karnataka and Operations-Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu.


Team Member Details

  • Manoj Manickam- Director, Operations, ArimaAran Pvt Ltd
  • Deepthi Abraham – Director, Business Development, ArimaAran Pvt Ltd
  • VijayPrakash M – R&D Head (Growth Media), ArimaAran Pvt Ltd
  • Keerthivasan – R&D Head (Custom Machinery), ArimaAran Pvt Ltd
  • Leo Prakash – Advisor, ArimaAran Pvt Ltd
  • Mentor: Dr. Srinithivihasini, HOD – Environmental Science and Management, Bharathidasan University


EcoGro by Team ArimaAran Pvt Ltd

From left to right-Mr.VijayPrakash M, Mr.Keerthivasan, Dr.Shrinithivihasini, Mr.Leo Prakash, Ms.Deepthi Abraham and Mr.Manoj Manickam standing with the prize cheque they received at the CZC Grand Expo Award Ceremony.

3. Base’P Sustainable Foods LLP

Base’P Sustainable foods LLP is working on sustainable soy- free plant based meat and textured vegetable protein with proteins from pulses using low moisture extrusion technology. The products are rich in protein and fibre, cholesterol free and additives and preservatives free. This product can save a lot of water and can potentially mitigate carbon.

Location– Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Team Member Details

  • Swathi Gopalakrishnan, Founder Base’P Sustainable Foods LLP
  • Nithin A K, Business Executive
  • Gnanasambandham, Business Mentor
  • Gurmeet Singh, Professor and Head, TDU
  • Sriram Sankaran, Synchron Group, Strategy and Investment mentor

Left to Right- Ms.Srimitha, food technologist, Ms.Swathi Gopalakrishnan, Founder, Mr.Vijayamohan and Mr.Vikas, Business executives of Base’P Sustainable Foods LLP standing with the products that they developed in their stall at CZC Grand Expo


4. Amvyrad Greenrich Private Limited

A Startup led by Ms.Varsheni Nagarajan and her team members, Mr.Dhilip Kumar M, Ms.Priyadarshini D and mentored by Mr.Madheshwaran Lakshmipathy and Mr.Austin David has developed a surface water vehicle – BARCO (Bifurcation of Aquatic weed and Reap Cleansing Organon) that segregates water hyacinth and contaminated wastes separately by automated method, thus making it a non-human intervention process.  This vehicle collects water hyacinth from water bodies without any human interaction, squeezes water hyacinth at the point source, and reduces the transportation of crushed water hyacinth and equipment due to their size. This surface water vehicle operates in both low and high water bodies and is easy to transport to different water bodies. The vehicle avoids 100% human interaction and is suitable for different water bodies. This startup was recognised for the potential environmental and health impact it will have on cleaning water bodies

Location– Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Team Member Details

  • Varsheni Nagarajan,Co-founder & CEO, Amvyrad Greenrich Private Limited
  • Madheshwaran Lakshmipathy, Senior partner, Amvyrad Greenrich Private Limited
  • Dhilip Kumar M, Co-founder & CAO, Amvyrad Greenrich Private Limited
  • Priyadarshini D, Head – Operations and Management, Amvyrad Greenrich Private Limited
  • Austin David,Technical Head, , Amvyrad Greenrich Private Limited


From left to right-Prof.Indumathi M Nambi, Mr. Dhilip Kumar M, Ms. Priyadarshini D, Ms. Varsheni Nagarajan, Ms.Pawandeep Kaur, Prof.R.Velraj, Prof.Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Mr.Madheshwaran Lakshmipathy, Dr.Parasuram Balasubramanian and Mr. Austin David

BARCO-Bifurcation of Aquatic weed and Reap Cleansing Organon, the prototype of Team Amvyrad Greenrich Private Limited


ElectromethUp, a faculty-led team from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali (IISER Mohali),  led by Dr. Sunil Anil Patil and his students Ms. Moumita Roy,  Ms. Mansi and  Mr. Ravineet Yadav has developed an electricity-driven microbial process system for boosting the calorific value of biogas through carbon dioxide utilisation.

The byproduct from the process also has a market. The innovation was recognised for its potential carbon utilisation.

Location– Mohali, Punjab


Team Members

  • Team lead- Dr.Sunil A Patil- Assistant Professor, EES Department, IISER Mohali
  • Moumita Roy, PhD Scholar, ESS Department, IISER Mohali
  • Ravineet Yadav, PhD Scholar, ESS Department, IISER Mohali
  • Mansi, Master Thesis Student, ESS Department, IISER Mohali
  • Team mentor. Mr.Siddharth Desai, Indian Biogas Association

Ms.Moumita Roy from team ElectromethUp standing in the stall at CZC Grand Expo with the prototype developed.

From Left to right- Mr.Ravineet Yadav, Ms.Moumita Roy and Ms.Mansi from team ElectromethUp explaining their innovation to Dr.G.Ranga Rao, Professor, IIT Madras and Mr.Mux Narasimhan, Founder, MD & CEo, PlaySolar

6. Aryabon

Aryabon is a team from IIT Madras led by Dr.Uthradevi K with her team members Atul Ranjan, Eswari, Dr.Dhivakar Govindarajan, and Dr. Sivakami and mentored by Prof. Indumathi Nambi. They have developed a  rapid, on-site treatment unit capable of managing solid and faecal waste, benefiting rural areas, urban slums, and mobile toilet units in trains, aeroplanes, caravans, emergency outbreak areas, cruise ships, etc.  the system converts faecal matter into valuable biochar, ensuring safe waste treatment and reduced water consumption in toilets. Notably, it achieves zero solid discharge, minimising the transportation burden in mobile toilet units. Moreover, it mitigates sewer cross-contamination with groundwater, promotes successful household toilets, reduces carbon footprint from spent graphite, and provides a safe sanitation solution, contributing to public health and climate change mitigation. This innovative approach offers cost-effective, eco-friendly waste management for improved living conditions and sustainable practices. This innovation can solve a lot of problems in the sanitation sector.


Location– Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Team Member Details

  • Team lead- Dr.K. Uthradevi, IIT Madras
  • Atul Ranjan, M.Tech Student,IIT Madras
  • Eswari, B.Tech Student, IIT Madras
  • Team Mentor-Dr.G Dhivakar, Assistant Professor, A.C. Tech, Anna University
  • Team Mentor- Dr.Sivagami, Associate Professor, VIT, Vellore
  • Team Mentor. Prof. Indumathi M Nambi, IIT Madras


Left to right- Ms.Eswari, team member and Dr.K.Uthradevi, team lead of Team Aryabon standing with their lab scale prototype in their stall at CZC Grand Expo

The prototype developed by Team Aryabon

7. Agnicart

A conventional ploughing system takes 8 to 9 hours to plough an acre. Conventional tractors are very expensive and have high carbon emissions. Also, it is not affordable to poor farmers. A startup Agnicart from Coimbatore led by Sasikumar A P with his team member Ms.Gomathi P and technical and Business Mr. Sri Ram Shankar has developed a multipurpose animal powered cart. Different devices are attached to the cart for different purposes like bed maker, weeder, Manure spreader, disc, puddler, and bose plough This innovation will have a positive impact at  grassroot level.

.Location-Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Team Member Details

  • Sasikumar A P, Founder and Designer, Agincourt
  • Gomathi P, Co Founder and Finance Planner, Agincourt
  • Sri Ram Shankar, NAN Member, Technical and Business Mentor

Team Lead Mr.Sasikumar with the prototype developed at the CZC Grand Expo