Know the Rules

Please read the following rules to prepare your CZeroC 2019 application.


Submit your application before 15 August 2018. If you get shortlisted, Carbon Zero Challenge organizing committee will contact you and inform you of the next stages of the competition.



  • Current students as well as recent graduates (undergraduate, post graduate, doctorate, post doctorate in science, engineering, management, and  others) are eligible to apply.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups are eligible to apply.

Team Formation

  • You are encouraged to apply as a team. A team can have maximum 5 members.
  • You can also apply individually as a 1 member team.
  • Every team that has more than one member, must have a team lead identified at the time of application.
  • We suggest you to form a diverse team with
    • Team member from marketing and finance background (preferable but not mandatory)
    • Team member in a pre-final year (applicable to student teams, preferable but not mandatory)
  • The teams can be comprised of students from different universities or a mix of students and freelancers/self-financed professionals.
  • For a student team, the team lead’s university will be the primary coordinating university.

Participants of CZeroC 2018 or other innovation contests

  • Participants from CZC 2018 (Demo Day completed on 9th Feb 2018) who have fine-tuned their project or application with further inputs/ additional progress are also encouraged to apply stating what further developments they have done so far.
  • Winners from other idea or innovation competitions who may wish to get further support for development of prototypes may apply stating what they have done so far.
  • Even in the above cases, stated selection criteria for the application will apply.

Technical and Business Plan

You can share your interactions with prospective customers with whom you have discussed your innovation and possibility of commercialization of your innovation.

This is not a mandatory requirement at this stage of the competition.

{Explanation: A customer is the one who is willing to pay you for your innovative product/service. We encourage you to provide any supporting evidence (photo/video with customer, email/letter from customer confirming their interest in the project, a media link, linkedin endorsement) of your customer interaction}.


  • Shortlisted teams will be required to have a local mentor.
  • A mentor could be a faculty from their own college.
  • The post-doctoral students can either have a mentor who is part of a university, or can team up with students currently enrolled in a university under the mentorship of a faculty from that university.
  • Shortlisted teams will be required to upload a letter of support from their Head of Department and/or Head of Institution.