Exhaust Powered Phone by Team EcoStar – I4 – Students from Chennai

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Exhaust Powered Phone by Team EcoStar – I4 – Students from Chennai

Project Highlights

EcoStar I4, a students’ team from KCG College of Technology, Chennai did the project in Industries sector.

In the  industrial sector, around 30- 40% of heat in I.C engine is wasted from exhaust. This results in loss of power and decrease in efficiency of a vehicle.

Hence the team came up with Exhaust Powered Phone.

Who is Behind this Project?

The team is led by Mr. Mansoor Shakir and the team members are

  • Mansoor Shakir
  • Aaron Mathews Oommen

What is the Project all about?

To develop exhaust powered phones which will reuse that waste heat and convert it to electricity with the help of a passive mechanical device called TEG. The generated electricity is then used to charge phones (specifically meant for two wheelers only).

What is the Uniqueness of the Solution?

  • This prototype has the potential to replace alternators if designed properly.
  • It also has the potential of reducing carbon emission by 1%-2%.
  • If compared against alternators, it is a passive mechanical device without noise, it has more efficiency, it is less in weight, less size-energy ratio, and long life term.
  • It can also be used as an alternate charging source for batteries
  • The product will have features like light weight, attaching and removing of product whenever required and an extra connection to charge batteries

What is the Potential Market?

  • The final product will fall in the category of commercial/consumer product, which will cover automotive sector of two wheelers.
  • The product will be priced fairly(around Rs 1500 or less), so that all the customers will be benefited from it.
  • The product will be given warranty and guarantee period.
  • The aim is to integrate this product with the automotive sector for product manufacturing and service rendering.

Contact Details:

Aaron Oommen – 9645876573


Interested to Know more about this team? Send a note to info@czeroc.com

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