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Vacuryogen – Reducing Carbon Emissions of Shipping Industry

Project Highlights

Vacuryogen T8, a students’ team from IIT Madras, Chennai chose transportation as their sector.

  • Global CO2 emission by shipping transport is 17% or nearly 4.5 % of the total greenhouse gases emitted.
  • Fuel Oil consumption for electricity generation per reefer container:
    • 1562 L (fuel oil) CO2 emission – 4139 kg (CO2) per year
    • Fuel oil cost – Rs. 44,389.8 (688 USD) per year per container

Owing to the above, there is an urgent need to reduce carbon emissions in shipping industry. Hence the team has come up with an innovative solution.


Who is Behind this Project?

The team is led by Mr. Srihari Balaji and the team members are

  • Srihari Balaji
  • Vinothkumar Sundharamoorthi
  • Sasen D

What is the Project all about?

To solve the above problem of carbon emissions in shipping industry, we can manufacture cost effective passive food storage devices.

  • Passive Food Storage Containers
    • The above proposed solution is in the simulation stage. Various alternatives and models are being simulated for better performance.
    • No electricity is required for storing food.
    • This will mainly bring down the demand of reefer containers that are used to transport food items to other nations thereby bringing down the carbon emissions from ships that carry loaded reefer containers.

What is the Uniqueness of the Solution?

  • Double porous layer – Porous structure on the sides
  • Reduces surface area (heat conduction)
  • Initiates natural convection
  • Perforated multi-layer perforation – Absorbs and reradiate heat
  • Reduces radiative heat transfer
  • Re-radiation occurrence due to polished surfaces
  • Smart cooling panel – Alternative layers of ice and water panels
  • Maintains inner core temperature

What is the Potential Market?

  • Shipping industries & food industries
  • India is the 16th largest maritime country in the world – coastline of 7517 km & 6th largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world
  • During 2015-16, India exported fruits and vegetables worth Rs. 8,391.41 crores (fruits worth Rs. 3,524.50 crores and vegetables worth Rs. 4,866.91 crores)
  • Expected to reach Rs. 61,00,000 crores (915 billion USD) by 2020

Contact Details:

Vinothkumar Sundharamoorthi – 9994882464
SASEN D – 9677459389


Interested to Know more about this team? Send a note to

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