Bus Routes Optimization by Team Regulators – T6 – Students from Chennai

Project Highlights Regulators T6, a students’ team from SSN Engineering College, Chennai chose transportation as their sector. In the transportation sector, availability of bus and travelling is a major problem. Some buses in a route are extremely crowded and other buses run with not even half its capacity. This disparity is caused because of poor [...]

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Sustainable Mobility by Team Vision X – T9 – Students from Karnataka

Project Highlights Vision X - T9, a students’ team from PES University, Karnataka chose transportation as their sector. Owing to lack of sustainable energy infrastructure, people are becoming aware of electric vehicles and affordability of solar energy systems is also possible these days. Clearly, there is a necessity for a truly “green” solution that provides [...]

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Comfortable Low Energy Buildings made up of GFRG with Passive Cooling Systems

Project Highlights Innovative Building and Cooling Systems U2, a students’ team from IIT Madras, Chennai selected urban areas/cities as their sector for doing the project. According to IEO 2013, building sector consumes one fifth of the total global energy consumption, and India resembles the same. In India, more than 60% of all the buildings projected [...]

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Efficient Management of Energy Consumption by Public Street Lights

Project Highlights Intelligent Lighting Systems U3, a students’ team from IIT Madras, Chennai is doing a project in the urban areas/cities sector. Streets, parks and other public facilities serve as a major drain on a city's energy resources. Chennai city uses 27.61MW of power which is around 20% of the total energy on street-lighting. This [...]

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Smart Home – An Energy Efficient Building by Team Smart Home – Students from Erode

Project Highlights Smart Home U5, a students’ team from Kongu Engineering College, Erode is doing a project in the urban areas/cities sector. Buildings are the second highest energy consuming sector next to industrial sector in India. Total energy consumption in buildings is about 21.98 % of the total energy in recent days. More than 60% [...]

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A Grid Free Hybrid System: Frustum Solar Panel Mounted on Vertical Wind Turbine Installed at Roof Tops

Project Highlights Snazzy Mechons U7, a students’ team from Sri Krishna College of Technology, Coimbatore chose urban areas/cities as their project sector. Demand for more energy makes us to seek new energy sources. Extinction of fossil fuels is another cause to go for new energy sources. Man-made radiations differ from natural radiations. In case of [...]

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Lumino Energy Walls by Team Spark Innovation U8 – Students from Trivandrum

Project Highlights Spark Innovation U8, a students’ team from College of Engineering Trivandrum, Kerala chose urban areas/cities as their project sector. Existing sources of renewable energy faces a limitation providing requisite amount energy during night. This solution on the other hand can provide adequate power after sunset. Who is Behind this Project? The team is [...]

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Low Carbon Approach to Energy Efficient and Comfortable Affordable Housing for the Warm-humid Climate in India

Project Highlights Integrative Design Solutions U11, a student-startup team from IITM and Delhi chose urban areas/cities as their project sector. 21.4% of the total electricity consumption in India (283 BU) is in southern Indian states and union territories 22% of this electricity consumption is in residential sector 97% of the southern peninsular region belongs to [...]

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In-Situ CO2 Sand Bricks In-Built with Sodium Silicate as a Self-Curing Agent

Project Highlights Ozone U12, a students’ team from Kongu Engineering College, Erode chose urban areas/cities as their project sector. On one hand, excessive CO2 gas emission leads to increased effect of global warming. On the other hand, there is a delay in construction of buildings and the durability and strength of construction materials is very [...]

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FoodBox: IoT Powered, Small Scale Vertical Farm to Enable Indoor Farming in Urban Areas

Project Highlights U-Farm Technologies U16, a startup from Pondicherry, did the project in the sector urban areas/cities. One of the problems in this sector is with respect to getting fresh food products. Lack of fresh and nutritious pesticide-free food for rapidly rising urban population Unsustainable farming practices to meet rising demand of population Lack of [...]

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