Water Recovery from Wastewater and Room Ventilation Through Solar Chimney – A Passive Approach

Project Highlights Suryaneer W2, a students’ team from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli did the project in the sector water and waste management. In Spite of govt. norms abundant industrial/municipal wastewater are mostly left without recycling due to high cost of water treatment methods. So a self-sustained /passive water recovery plant coupled with room ventilation [...]

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Energy Positive Treatment Technology for the Removal/Recovery of Hexavalent Chromium

Project Highlights Cleanext W3, a students’ team from IIT Madras, Chennai chose water and waste management as their sector. Hexavalent Chromium (Cr+6) is an oxidizing agent used in electroplating, leather tanning, pharmaceutical etc. The removal of Cr(+6) from water is significant due to its high toxicity and tendency to accumulate in living organisms and it [...]

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Sustainable Zero-Energy Prototype for Desalination Coupled Wastewater Treatment

Project Highlights Electrochem 2017 W6, a students’ team from IIT Madras, Chennai chose water and waste management as their sector. We face an inherent water crisis due to the urbanization and population growth, in addition to the extensive mismanagement of water resulting in billions of people and the environment to suffer badly! Across the globe, [...]

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Energy Production and Treatment of Textile Effluents Using Microbial Fuel Cell Technologies

Project Highlights JSP W7, a students’ team from IIT Madras, Chennai chose water and waste management as their sector. India stands 3rd in global textile export, 75% of which is concentrated in Tirupur Effluent discharge in this region poses a long term environmental and biological hazard. Current treatment methods energy demanding Produce high Sludge High [...]

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Developing a Community Level-Offgrid Plastic Pyrolysis Units by Team Enviro – W11 – Students from Chennai

Project Highlights Team Enviro W11, a students’ team from IIT Madras, Chennai chose water and waste management as their sector. In India, 140,000 tonnes of waste is generated daily, in which only 29% is treated. >15,000 tonnes of plastic waste generated everyday, of which 6,000 tonnes remain uncollected & littered. Segregation of waste, insufficient land [...]

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Aquahorse by Team BlueWave – A1 – Startup from Bangalore

Project Highlights BlueWave A1, a startup from Bangalore is working in agriculture sector. In agriculture, cold storage for energy deprived fishing community is a challenge. The solution for this should be both cheap and also practically viable with existing resources. Hence the team has come up with an idea named "Aquahorse".   Who is Behind Aquahorse? The [...]

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WATBOT – Plastic Waste Cleaning from Sea, Lake and Other Water Bodies

Project Highlights Watbot W13, a students’ team from VIT Chennai, chose water and waste management as their sector. Two-thirds of the world is covered by water bodies - home to mysterious and life-sustaining organisms. The world’s oceans and seas serve as a carbon sink, helping maintain a balance as humans upset the balance with all [...]

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The Challenge of Carbon Zero Challenge!

If you thought designing and implementing a contest for college students was a no-brainer, think again. Especially if it happens to be in an emerging domain such as clean technology, and especially when you are dealing thousands of bright students! It would thus be interesting for you to read the chronicle of the Carbon Zero [...]

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Carbon Zero Challenge – Launch of Phase II

CZC Team is glad to announce the launch of Phase 2 this exciting renewable energy innovation contest.As you would know, Carbon Zero Challenge is a pioneering initiative by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Industrial Waste Management Association (IWMA), in collaboration with the US Consulate General Chennai, Polaris - A Virtusa Company, Shaastra 2018 [...]

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