We are a team of engineers and entrepreneurs from IIT Madras, who aim to tackle the menace of air pollution from vehicular exhausts through a range of specially designed electric vehicles. We strive to indigenously develop smart, personal mobility solutions for the modern society that not only features excellent on-road performance, but also operates with zero emissions. 

The prototype is a unique class of e-bikes with pedal-assist and power-on-demand technology. The power-on-demand mode uses a throttle to assist the rider whereas the pedal-assist mode requires the rider to rotate the pedal to get assistance. Unlike the existing, expensive e-bikes that use a torque sensor, our prototype uses a cost-effective and high-precision mechatronic system which is integrated into the frame to analyse ride conditions and accordingly augment human effort for maximum comfort. The assistance is achieved through a BLDC hub motor mounted in the front wheel powered by a 48 V rechargeable Li-ion battery and a specially designed controller. The bike is limited to a 250 W motoring and a 25 kmph speed limit to avoid license requirements and to ensure traffic safety respectively. 

The key attributes of our e-bike lies in its unique design and its intelligent assist technology.The entire concept of the bike starting from the structure of the body frame, to the Electrical assist system revolves entirely around the rider and the real time dynamics thus keeping the rider connected to the vehicle at all times. Besides being cost effective, our sensor array and control Unit are accurately tuned to provide the best experience for short to medium range of commuting. Our vehicle not only provides a stylish, comfortable and robust mode of personal transport but also cuts down the carbon footprint, thereby benefiting the rider and the environment alike. Moreover, the running and maintenance cost of our model is far less than that of the existing fuel powered vehicles, therefore it is very economical for regular use. The class of EV created by us aims at promoting a clean, durable and hustle-free mode of health mobility for the modern generation.


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April 23, 2019

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