Webinar- 1

Date  : 1st, 5th, 10th Oct 2018| Venue : IIT Madras

Webinar session on the topic ‘Building a Technology Startup: Primer‘ was conducted in parts of 3, instructed by Dr Hiran Vedam.

Dr. Hiran Vedam is a business executive with more than 17 years of experience in commercialization of high quality technologies. Her domain expertise is in advanced materials and their applications for energy and water. Functionally, her expertise is in product development and scale-up, competitive technology and market intelligence and B2B market development. She is currently senior advisor for innovation and entrepreneurship at IIT Tirupati.

Webinar- 2

Date  : 16th, 23rd, 30th Mar 2019| Venue : IIT Madras

Webinar session on the topic ‘Measuring Environmental Effectiveness of Product & Services‘ on 16th and 23rd March 2019, instructed by Dr Ramesh Srinivasan and Ms Jui Joshi respectively.

Dr Ramesh Srinivasan is an entrepreneur and product management executive focused on the development of innovative software offerings for sustainable operation of supply chains. He is currently Founder and CEO of a software and services start-up company, Eco-Catalyst, based in San Jose, with the goal of creating innovative business and financial models for catalyzing sustainable development. He teaches Systems Engineering and Decision Models for Sustainable Economy at San Jose State University.

Ms Jui Joshi is an IT engineer, after which she worked in several social development fields,including experience with NGOs supporting plastic awareness and sustainability. She is currently the program manager for Climate Launchpad, South Asia and also the research manager for PR Climate Studio.

Webinar session on the topic ‘IP and Patenting Innovations‘ on 30th March 2019, instructed by Dr. Hiran Vedam.

Webinar- 3

Date  : 10th April 2019| Venue : IIT Madras

Webinar session conducted on the topic ‘Calculating Net Environmental & Social Impacts: Handprint Method‘ was instructed by Ms. Jui Joshi.