Carbon Zero Challenge 2022 –   CZC for CRC  “Circularity in Resources  Conservation”

Circularity refers to  Resource Reduction, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery as a theme that cuts across multiple areas such as Materials, Water, Air, Land, and Energy across multiple sectors Urban, Rural and Industry.

The biggest challenge humanity faces is meeting the growing demands with limited resources and to be achieved within the constraints of reduced carbon and water footprint. We have begun to realize that the conventional linear flow of resources is no longer sustainable and more circular economy solutions are the need of the hour. To achieve Net Zero targets, we should have a holistic outlook. The current focus is on reducing the embodied energy, carbon, and water footprint of our production processes, transport processes, and during the active product life. But there is less attention paid to recovery and recycling at end of life to close the loop. This has been primarily due to the high costs required for justifying the recovery and for low (or even zero) penalties for damaging the environment. The benefits are immense in terms of ecological footprint and reduced burden on earth if low-cost / energy/carbon solutions are found to address this gap.

CZC 2022 Sub Themes and Goals