Elongated Low Concentrating Photo-Voltaic Thermal System (ELCPVT)

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Elongated Low Concentrating Photo-Voltaic Thermal System (ELCPVT)

Project Highlights

Solarize I12, a students’ team from CSIR, Chennai chose industrial sector for their CZC project.

In India, 2% (1 million tonne per year) of the oil is consumed for low temperature industrial process heating, spending around 30 billion INR. This can be easily replaced by renewable energy based solution to reduce carbon footprint. This renewable energy based solution is elongated low concentrating PV thermal system which is proposed by this team.


Who is Behind this Project?

The team is led by Ms. Veenaaishwarya Vijayan and the team members are

  • Veenaaishwarya Vijayan
  • Chandan Pandey

What is the Project all about?

  • Silicon solar photovoltaic cells convert 20% of the energy to electricity losing the remaining as heat (~80%)
  • Photovoltaic/thermal system can extract this waste heat and converts to low temperature heat
  • Concentrating PVT system reduces the cost of system and improves the grade of output heat energy

What is the Uniqueness of the Solution?

Compared to other CPVT systems

  • This system does not require tracking which makes it very cost effective
  • Consume less floor area for same thermal and electrical output combined
  • Optimize the material to bring down the cost

What is the Potential Market?

All industries using fossil fuels for low temperature heating.


Contact Details:

Chandan Pandey – 7042240646


Interested to Know more about this team? Send a note to info@czeroc.com

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