Clean Electric

The domain of Electric Vehicles is an emerging field in the automobile industry and is posed to capture the majority of the automobile market in the upcoming years. Now, our startup, Clean Electric aims to provide  electric powertrain solutions to E-commerce logistics which can solve the problem of last mile connectivity and enable faster adoption of electric vehicles in India. 

Initiated by Akash Gupta, it was incubated at MCIIE IIT BHU in 2016. Currently it has a team of 16 members from different departments of engineering working on the different aspects of design such as structural, cooling, electrical, supply chain management etc. In the prototype, we have retrofitted ICE TATA ACE HT to a liquid battery pack cooling of  a battery pack having capacity of 32kWh, which can also provide a range of 250km on a single complete charge at a payload of 750kg with a maximum speed of about 70 kmph. It is also IP 67 and EMI EMC compliant. 

Working: We have built the lithium ion battery pack which powers the BLDC motor taking into consideration all the safety measures for the necessary electrical components(motor controller, dc-dc converter).

USP: Longer battery life due to liquid cooling system of cells and electrical components. 

Sufficient range with a proportional  pay load and better performance than the ICE vehicles. 


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April 23, 2019