To provide smart engineering solutions to Indian farmers irrespective of social boundaries and educating them with new innovative idea in agricultural technology.
To transform hard working farmers to smart working farmers.

MAGMA (Multi-functional Agro Gantry Machine Assembly)

Our Product is a multi- functional electrically powered, remote controlled agricultural machine designed for low income farmers with small farms as a replacement for animal/human labour. It consists of the main gantry frame assembly which is driven by electrical motors powered by an on board battery pack. Different ” agricultural modules” for different purposes ( seed drill, tiller etc) can be attached as per the need . The main concept we are aiming for in this product is “modularity”, where the farmer can “choose” the modules he wants for his field ( according to what he is farming) and fit modules that are tailor made for him/her to the base gantry frame

Currently available agricultural vehicles like Tractors and combines cost around 5 to 6 lakhs ( tractor alone, without any attachments) This only becomes a worthy investment for large area farms ( small area farms still rely on manual labour and Oxes/bulls) Our entire solution ( including agricultural modules) will cost less than half the price of a regular tractor alone and is tailor made for small area farming fields ( which comprises the majority of farming land in the country.) Our solution also contributes less carbon footprint compared to fossil fueled tractors and hence promotes the concept of smart and green farming practices among the farmer of our nation.


• MAGMA is a completely electrically powered vehicle with no direct greenhouse emissions.
• It can be easily fitted with any attachment for different agricultural processes like tilling, seeding, ploughing etc.
• MAGMA’s price  is considerably lower compared to the next equivalent available product on the market.
• The subsidized electricity scheme for farmers will be helpful in reducing the charging costs of the device, the primary running cost.
• The maintenance required for MAGMA is much simpler compared to mini tractors and tractors as it involves far less components comparatively and rugged mechanisms
• Since MAGMA is wirelessly controlled, there is no necessity for the farmer to go along with the vehicle unless absolutely necessary and the long remote control range (About 2kms max) allows the farmer to maneuver the vehicle from a single convenient position with the view of the field.
• The farmer can control the vehicle by himself as operations are very simple unlike tractors that require expert drivers.
• MAGMA involves simple electrical systems which can be serviced by easy replacement of parts which can be done by technicians with very little training and hence training and creating a network of service personnel will be easier and widespread.

Team members

  1. S Bala Surya (Team lead)
  2. Joseph George
  3.  Agasthya Raghavan
  4. Bevin T Abraham
  5. Arjun Jayaprakash

Team Mentor : M Arul Inigo Raja , Asst. Professor, KCG College of Technology, chennai.

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