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W3 – MD Water

Team members:

  1. G Gopi ( Team lead)
  2. M. Vasanth Kumar
  3. R. Sathis kumar


Dr. G. Arthanareeswaran


NIT Tiruchirappalli

Dr. M. Premalatha


NIT Tiruchirappalli

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Moblie: 8608475657

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MD water is a solar-powered multi effect vacuum membrane distillation (ME-VMD) for desalination, brine concentration and ZLD. This concept integrates membrane distillation and multi effect heat recovery for high thermal efficiency.

How does it work?

The ME-VMD module is an efficient and reliable module. It is devised into the steam riser, multiple effects and condenser. Water carrying heat from the heat source is evaporated in steam riser under vacuum. Further, the steam is condensed in the first effect and the latent heat of condensation will be used for heating the incoming feed water and simultaneously evaporated through the membrane. Similarly, the latent heat of condensation is conserved in all other effects to produce pure water. Finally, the vapour form final effect is condensed in the condenser.

Unique features

  • Made up of recyclable PP material
  • Efficient
  • Easy membrane replacement
  • Scalable
  • Easy to integrate with all waste heat source



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April 23, 2019

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