Water Chakra: Eco-fertilizer from human urine

Water is a major resource, which is also of great demand and limited supply of late. Lakh of money is spent on it every year either to dispose it or to treat it. Hence, we at Water Chakra think that one can easily recover water from urine and also that we don’t require water for flushing with our Modular Onsite Nutrient Recovery Unit. On an average, a man flushes nearly 1 liter of water every time he urinates, which equals to nearly 2160 liters of water per year. This contributes to a greater saving every year. Therefore, installing our system reduces the money spent on annual operation and maintenance (O&M) and the electricity bill also reduces drastically, therefore a reduction in the carbon footprint and the stress on water. This could earn Green Building Rating for any organization.


We are a student team from IIT Madras who have been working tirelessly to bringing this idea from the laboratory to the market for the masses to benefit from the following solutions that we provide,

  1. Nutrients such as N and K in the name of “Struvite” from the urine that is collected with the help of water-less urinals
  2. Ammonia solution that gets distilled from urine
  3. Water that is recovered from urine for reuse purposes

Other benefits are as follows,

  1. No flushing of the urinals is required, thereby reduction in stress on water for flushing
  2. Savings on O&M of the STPs, precisely the energy intensive tertiary treatment step for nutrient recovery which is unnecessary because of the source separation that is done in our system
  3. Savings on electricity being used for pumping the water to the storage tank


Should you have any questions to the Water Chakra team, please feel free to fill in your details below.



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April 23, 2019

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