We are team Wricks from Techno India NJR Institute of technology, Udaipur (Rajasthan), have created an eco-friendly, low-cost and light-weight products such as bricks, paver blocks, kerb stones, tree guards etc with a low carbon footprint.

The USP of the project is that they are built by efficiently utilizing waste from plastic, marble and other industries. Tests have shown the bricks to be light-weight, durable, non-porous and recyclable. The prototype’s performance on parameters of strength, soundness, bonding with mortar, drop test, and hardness test is comparable to that of first-class bricks while the weight is almost 30% less. The fast cycling time ensures that a market-ready brick can be manufactured within 10 mins. 

This technology can be summarized as using hazardous waste material as a substitute for natural resources to create products with zero residue. With this technology, issues in the value chain of the brick industry can be addressed not only by providing an eco-friendly, durable, economical and light-weight bricks to builders, contractors, and engineers, but also helping government bodies solve the problem of waste management.


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April 23, 2019

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